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Our inflatables are sewn together with  care, precision and attention to detail using materials and techniques to produce inflatables of the highest standards.

We use a variety of flame retardant nylon and polyester fabrics available in a  wide range of vibrant colours.

Photographic quality digital printing or painting directly onto the cloth is available, though we specialize in creating surface detail using appliqué and sophisticated pure-panel design.

Our  sculptures are inflated using a constantly powered fan. The fans are small and quiet and fitted discretely inside the sculpture, mostly drawing between 80 – 200 Watts. We can provide fans that are 110V, 220V or running off 12V batteries. 

Our pieces are extremely lightweight. They pack down and compress into small, carriable bags for economic transport and storage.

Our installations are designed to withstand most weather conditions but need monitoring in high winds. In extreme conditions they may need to be temporarily deflated and packed away until conditions improve.

We have had a varied selection of our inflatables structurally assessed and certified and can apply these safety standards to similar sized and shaped inflatable objects. 

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